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Goat Beer – 13GOAT

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Call Goats. Win Beer. 13GOAT – A launch promo, wrapped inside a choose-your-own-adventure audio experience, wrapped inside a call centre.   Over the course of the campaign, people who called 13GOAT were connected to an immersive, branded experience. Every choice leading them deeper into a series of intertwining stories, characters and a tonne of goat-related… Read more »

MLA – Operation Boomerang


MLA’s most successful Australia Day campaign of all time, lead by cult news reader Lee Lin Chin and a host of other famous Australians. The film was viewed over five and half million times and achieved record sales.

Telstra – Air Wi-Fi


The old became new again as forgotten telephone boxes were recruited as sources for a city-wide light installation. The spectacular Melbourne display lit up social media and launched the Telstra Air Wi-Fi network that stretches across Australia with thousands of new hot spots.

IKEA – Airbnb


We helped IKEA turn the spotlight on their bedrooms and bathrooms by bringing two legendary brands together–IKEA & Airbnb. It was the world’s first brand collaboration with Airbnb, which meant allowing Australian families to spend the night in the IKEA Tempe store got global attention. Coverage includes Mashable, Time Magazine, PSFK, Daily Mail, Huff Post,… Read more »

AWARD Bronze

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IKEA: AirBnb – Promo & Experiential, Best use of Experiential Marketing in a Promotional Campaign


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IKEA Airbnb

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