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MLA – New Australia-Land


New Australia-Land Australian Lamb has always been about uniting people. So, in 2019 when Australia lost their way – cheating at sport, 5 Prime Ministers in 5 years, and anger over Australia Day being the same date Britain invaded – we had a provocative idea. We launched an integrated campaign inviting our friendly rivals, New… Read more »

Australia Post – Everyone Matters


‘Everyone Matters’ is Australia Post’s new brand platform.  The campaign highlights how Australia Post’s is bound to serve every single Australian, in millions of different ways. It uses individual stories of people like Bruce, Olivia and Megan to show how Australia Post helps Aussies, whoever and wherever they are. Because to Australia Post, Everyone Matters.

Goat Beer – 13GOAT

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Call Goats. Win Beer. 13GOAT – A launch promo, wrapped inside a choose-your-own-adventure audio experience, wrapped inside a call centre.   Over the course of the campaign, people who called 13GOAT were connected to an immersive, branded experience. Every choice leading them deeper into a series of intertwining stories, characters and a tonne of goat-related… Read more »

NRMA – Don’t drive naughty, drive nice


Don’t drive naughty, drive nice. To be genuinely helpful, NRMA wanted to create a road-safety campaign at a time year where the roads are most deadly. To get drivers to take action we needed a new message and new advocates. So we turned to the most powerful influence on drivers everywhere – the passengers in… Read more »

Asahi – Enter Asahi


Enter Asahi To Enter Asahi is to enter the unknown. To step over the threshold into a place where imagination is not bound by reality. A place of contradictions, of dreams, of mystery and electric excitement. A world where the traditional, and the futuristic, coexist. A reality populated by robotic geisha, giant squid, and brave… Read more »

Qantas – Feels Like Home


The third chapter of Qantas’ Feels Like Home campaign highlights the airline’s revolutionary direct route connecting London and Australia. The ads tell the real stories of the Perth-based Charlton family reuniting with their grandmother in the UK and of a young couple managing a long distance relationship between Australia and London.

Qantas & Airbnb – Fly There Live There


Qantas and Airbnb have partnered to make more places feel like home, offering those who book an Airbnb through one Qantas Point for every dollar spent. To launch the world first partnership we created two in-home safety videos showcasing the unique locations that Qantas is able to connect you to and their features which… Read more »

IGA – It Pays To Shop Independent


An integrated campaign that featured comedian Shane Jacobson re-launched the IGA brand with a new positioning ‘It pays to shop independent’. The campaign represents IGA’s biggest ever marketing push.

IKEA – Add Sunshine

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To launch IKEA’s 2015 Outdoor Range we created an outdoor campaign using nothing but shadows to show how people can get the most out of their outdoor spaces – no matter what size. Go home and try it yourself.      

UBank – Rewards are Real


We created these spots as part of a new campaign for UBank, that visualises all the money people can save by refinancing their homes. The TVC’s centre around UBank customers, who each have their own humorous metaphor meant to represent the money they’re saving by refinancing. Gold.      

The Star – Loungin’

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‘Loungin’ is our first TVC for The Star and features a specially rerecorded lounge performance of the classic Guns-n-Roses track ‘Welcome to the Jungle’. The spot features our charismatic lounge singer Bill Baker and his piano on wheels, cruising through The Star while a series of story fragments unfold in the background.

Add Sunshine

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