‘Australians Can Beat Anything’ Aims to Boost Double Vaccination Rate

A powerful new public service campaign that heroes the country’s ingenuity, inventiveness and resilience to overcoming challenges is being released nationally in a bid to boost Australia’s double vaccination rate to 80% or more as quickly as possible.

The ‘Australians Can Beat Anything’ campaign – a collaboration between Australia’s advertising media and consulting industries – hit TV screens, online sites and social media from September 27th, rallying Australians to get vaccinated by demonstrating our proven ability to overcome the most difficult of challenges and crises.

The inspirational campaign spotlights how Australians have conquered natural disasters such as bushfires, floods, drought as well as the GFC, and championed innovations including the cochlear implant to overcome deafness, and in the case of Fred Hollows, treat avoidable blindness.

‘Australians Can Beat Anything’ is a collaboration between Advertising Council Australia and consulting firm Accenture, created and produced by The Monkeys, part of Accenture Interactive, and production company Rabbit, with the shareholders of the Premium Content Alliance – Foxtel, News Corp, Nine, Seven West Media and 10 – donating media for the campaign.