Campaign To Send A Politician Into Space

In a bid to persuade today’s world leaders to take better care of our planet, Friends of the Earth Australia wants to send one of the worst climate change sceptics to space so they can shift their perspective and come back down to earth a more environmentally ethical person.

We helped them to create #sendasceptictospace a social campaign that demonstrates how when astronauts travel to space they get to view the earth from orbit. As they gaze down at the planet, they see a thin ozone layer, the effects of human impact, and they realise we are all on this earth together, and we’re destroying our only home.

This is called ‘The Overview Effect’. But it’s wasted on astronauts. Astronauts don’t write our laws or create the policies that can protect our planet. Our politicians do. Despite 97 per cent of climate scientists agreeing climate change is real, some of the world’s most influential leaders, shaping policies in countries including the USA, Australia, Canada and Russia, still don’t get it.

But there’s one dramatic way we can change their view. Friends of the Earth Australia is campaigning to send one of the worst climate sceptics from down here, up there. To take action they’re crowd-funding a ticket to space for the world’s biggest climate sceptic, as voted by you, the people of earth.

To help us get lift off visit and move one step closer towards saving our home.