MLA ‘Celebrate Australia’ Voted 11th Most Emotional Ad Globally

A total of 6,400 consumers worldwide were asked by research company System1 which ads made them feel something. The global survey revealed of the 56,400 consumers questioned, what commercials had the most emotional impact. The 705 ads were chosen from a base of industry award-winning or virally successful TV ads and digital films.

Our MLA campaign, ‘Celebrate Australia’, was ranked as the #11 most emotional spot globally in 2017.

The full list was revealed during an industry breakfast at the Curzon Soho, where agency heads and marketers gathered to discuss the results of the FeelMore50 list, which were broken down by country and sector.

MLA ‘Celebrate Australia’ was also listed in the FeelMore50 list, coming in second place in the APAC Top 10 list.