MLA Introduces The Currency Kitchen

We help Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) to launch its new Autumn Lamb campaign, continuing the brand’s proposition of lamb, the meat that brings people together.

Building on the established You Never Lamb Alone platform, the integrated activity taps into the role lamb plays in unifying Australians of every culture, race, religion, gender, sexuality and ethnicity.

At the heart of the campaign is The Currency Kitchen, a dining event like no other, that allows guests to enjoy a curated lamb dinner and pay for the experience with currency from anywhere in the world.

The Currency Kitchen will feature a diverse collection of top Australian chefs including Nic Wong (Cho Cho San), Analiese Gregory (Bar Brośe), Paul Carmichael (Momofoku Seiōbo), Jacqui Challinor (Nomad) and Ben Milgate and Elvis Abrahanowicz (Porteno), each creating a bespoke lamb menu inspired by their personal background and heritage.