OAK’s ‘The Most Decisive Game Ever’ Wins FWA Mobile of the Day

Our campaign for OAK, “The Most Decisive Game Ever”, has just won the prestigious FWA Mobile of the Day.

To find the most decisive person in Australia, we created an extremely difficult mobile game users could play just once a day.

The game contains ten difficult levels specifically designed to weed out the hungrythirsty. To make it even harder the game can only be played once a day, at the time of day when most people are feeling sluggish – 3PM.

The weekly winners are awarded a fridge full of OAK, and the person who claims the grand title of “The Least Hungrythirsty Person in Australia” wins a championship ring that unlocks privileges for the next year, and some serious bragging rights.

The game can be played on mostdecisivegame.com.

SOURCE: http://www.thefwa.com/mobile/the-most-decisive-game-ever