Seafolly – Stay Forever


We created a music video for Seafolly in collaboration with Future Classic band, Panama and Sia ‘Chandelier’ director Daniel Askill.

The story stars Victoria’s Secret model, Martha Hunt and follows a group of girls living in the Northern Hemisphere who are suddenly drawn into the water, where they make a magical underwater migration back to a secluded Australian beach.

‘Stay Forever’ is now available on iTunes and you can check out the video here.


SEAFOLLY_Stayforever_02 SEAFOLLY_Stayforever_03 SEAFOLLY_Stayforever_04 SEAFOLLY_Stayforever_05 SEAFOLLY_Stayforever_06 SEAFOLLY_Stayforever_07 SEAFOLLY_Stayforever_08 SEAFOLLY_Stayforever_09 SEAFOLLY_Stayforever_01