We make provocative ideas happen.

Born in Sydney in 2006, followed by offices in Melbourne (2017) and Auckland (2021), The Monkeys create provocative ideas that live within advertising, entertainment, technology and design.

We've been called an ad agency, a collective, a branded content company, the business model of the future and a bunch of bloody dreamers.

Truth is, we’re a bit of each. In this multi-channel world companies need innovative ways to connect with their audience. That’s where we can help.

In 2017, The Monkeys became part of Accenture Song, a combination which has allowed us to stretch our provocative thinking into new spaces, beyond the remit of a ‘typical agency’.

As part of Accenture Song, we combine creativity, data and technology to deliver purpose-led growth to our clients, reimagining experiences and stretching our impact beyond advertising to encompass every facet of the customer experience.

Join Us

We’re always on the look out for interesting and interested people to join our team.

If you’re passionate about creativity and making provocative ideas happen, no matter what your job title, hit us up for a chat.