‘Lambalytica’ Asks Aussies To Leave Their Screens For A Real Time Feed

Urging Aussies to look up from their screens and share the Lamb, our latest campaign for MLA kicks off with a long form tech thriller directed by Plaza’s Paul Middleditch. The campaign sets out to remind a tech-obsessed nation of real life connection and reunite Aussies, distracted by their phones, screens and social, over delicious Aussie Lamb.

In the ‘Lambalytica’ ad we see an elite team infiltrating people’s devices to bring them together face-to-face. From a couple who spend more time looking at their phones than each other, to a teenage gamer glued to the TV, ‘Lambalytica’ taps into the phones of unsuspecting Aussies and unites them over an epic Lamb barbie off-screen.