Telstra Showcases the Magic of Technology

Telstra has unveiled a new brand campaign that brings to life the magic that can be created on Telstra Networks. The fully integrated campaign created by The Monkeys, highlights how Telstra enables people to thrive in a connected world and aims to position Telstra from a telco to a techco.

The work represents Telstra’s transformation into a service-led solutions provider using software, platforms and its best in class Networks to create innovation and relationships that extend beyond bundled products or phone plans and the domestic market. The work aims to create a cohesive global brand across all customer segments. The idea celebrates the magic of Telstra technology and what it makes possible. It shows people what’s possible in the future and how Telstra can improve today.

The launch ad features a quote from renowned science fiction writer and futurist Arthur C. Clark: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”.

The film then showcases how Telstra innovations enable people, businesses and communities to thrive. Telstra products and services feature throughout the film and campaign. Starring a voiceover by Australian Slam poetry champion Phil Wilcox and a soundtrack by local Australian act Flight Facilities, the campaign also features Sydney visual artist Jessica Bush, Melbourne Illustrator Elise Hurst and The Australian Ballet artistic director David McAllister.