UN Women Australia Questions ‘She’ll Be Right’ Attitude

To rally the country to get behind the UN’s goal of achieving equality for women globally by 2030, UN Women Australia has unleashed ‘When Will She Be Right?’, a powerful campaign that focuses the spotlight on gender inequality in Australia.

The campaign hijacks our popular saying, “She’ll be right”, to dismiss problems we think might be fixed in time, turning the motto into an important question of not only how, but also when.

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goal #5 is for gender equality by 2030, yet according to the World Economic Forum, we will not reach equality for another 99.5 years. However, UN Women Australia is eager to push women’s equality to the top of the agenda and accelerate efforts, so we can do 100 year’s of work in 10.

Directed by Madeline Kelly from Rabbit Content, our new campaign stars actor Miah Madden. It will air across broadcast television and will be supported by social, digital and out of home advertising.