Make Lamb, Not Walls

Make Lamb, Not Walls

Meat & Livestock Australia

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Make Lamb, Not Walls was created as a biting, and humorous, commentary on Australia’s state division. We imagined a not-so-distant dystopian future, where everyday life has been divided by a giant concrete wall. Until the mouth-watering taste of Aussie Lamb reunites the nation around a lamb BBQ.

Australians are normally free to move between the 8 states without restrictions. In 2020 that all changed. Bickering state premiers slammed shut their borders separating friends, families and entire communities. Their lockdowns going further than any country in the world. The ‘state border wars’, as the media dubbed them, denied 25 million Australians freedom of movement in their own country.

We followed up with a series of provocative guerrilla posters on key state borders. Uniting the warring state premiers over lamb, whilst paying homage to the iconic Berlin Wall ‘Fraternal Kiss’ mural. The campaign not only helped to unite politicians, but millions of Aussies around BBQs.

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