New Australia - Land

New Australia - Land

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What would Australia be like if New Zealand was part of it? The provocative answer was…probably better. Because although we are reluctant to admit it, New Zealand is doing ‘Australia’ better than Australia. So to bring people together this summer, we proposed finally uniting Australia and New Zealand. The campaign saw a delegation of Australian politicians, armed with Aussie Lamb, set out with an official proposition for the Kiwis. To put all the petty stuff behind us and unite to create New Australia-land. With Jacinda as Prime Minister. A new country. A better country, united by Lamb. 

We launched an integrated campaign inviting our friendly rivals, New Zealand, to join us over Lamb, and form a new nation ‘New Australia-Land’ as they were doing ‘Australia’ better than Australia. Russell Crowe, Jacinda Arden, 2 airlines and Tourism New Zealand all got behind the campaign, achieving 330m+ earned media impressions in a country of 24m people.

With the help of NOVA, we hosted a BBQ experience in the ‘Tasman Sea’ that separates Australia and New Zealand, where we celebrated the joining of our two nations and anointed our new leader: Kiwi-born, Aussie Richard Wilkins.

We asked the public to vote on a national flag. They decided on a combination of Australia and New Zealand’s iconic national animals. The flag featured on our social channels and at our experiential event. We also recorded a brand new national ‘lambthem’ that was performed by a choir of Australians and New Zealanders. This aired as an ad on radio and was played live as part of our Trans-Tasman BBQ event.

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