Play it Safe

Play it Safe

Sydney Opera House


Since it unfurled its sails in 1973, the Sydney Opera House has stood as a monument to the power of brave creativity: a symbol of crazy, beautiful ideas. But as Australia drifts towards conservatism and conformity, the Opera House’s message is being forgotten.

Our defiant creative culture is becoming beige; safe; simple; same-same.

On the House’s 50th anniversary, we wanted to remind Australia and the global public why it’s more important than ever to keep that spirit alive.

And so, with the keys to the house and a small window around performances, we collaborated with two iconic and fearless Australian talents, songwriter and satirist Tim Minchin and director Kim Gehrig as well as a host of the House’s resident companies and performers to create “Play it Safe” a visual and musical love letter to doing the opposite that has been described as ‘moving’, ‘uplifting’ and ‘genius’, and ‘An important a reminder of why art, and creative bravery should live on in all of us.’

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