The First Digital Nation

The First Digital Nation

Government of Tuvalu


Tuvalu, a low-lying Pacific nation, is facing an impossible challenge. At the current rate of global sea level rise, the entire country will be submerged within decades, forcing Tuvalu to ask: “What happens to a country without land?”

As well as losing its land, Tuvalu is at risk of losing its legal statehood. International law currently dictates that a country needs a defined physical territory to exist, so Tuvalu’s very sovereignty is under threat.

At COP 27, Tuvaluan Minister Simon Kofe announced a radical plan for survival -Tuvalu will become the world’s First Digital Nation. A pragmatic plan for a worst case scenario, and a bold provocation for global action. The launch reached 2.1 billion people, and since launch, has seen a historic loss and damages fund approved at COP27, and 10 nations recognising Tuvalu’s digital sovereignty – putting them on a path to remaining a functioning state.

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