When Will She Be Right?

When Will She Be Right?

UN Women Australia

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In Australia, we say ‘she’ll be right’ to dismiss problems we think will fix themselves with time. Based on current predictions, gender equality won’t be reached for 100 more years. But the UN has a goal to reach it in 10. So, on International Women’s Day we launched a campaign that rallied people behind the question; #whenwillsheberight? In the first 48 hours, our film was watched by 1 in 40 Aussies from organic sharing alone. The phrase appeared across the news, school and university assemblies, and was chanted at women’s rights rallies.

To criticise our nation’s cultural apathy, our campaign asked “When will she be right?”. Flipping this laconic Aussie phrase gave the issue a time demand. And as it clearly references women, it means that Australians will be reminded of women’s rights each time it is spoken.

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